Smile Enhancing Services

Time for a change? It’s never too early or late to improve the quality of your smile.

At About Face Orthodontics, our patients range in age from 5 to 75—all looking forward to the positive changes about to occur in their appearance.

For kids, early preventive care can eliminate or reduce future treatment. We specialize in recognizing children’s orthodontic problems before they occur—like crowding, over-retention, crossbite and irregular growth patterns. A child with habits—past or present—like thumb-sucking or mouth-breathing, can be treated early to minimize the effects of the behavior. In such instances time is money, because the longer you wait, the more extensive (and expensive) the treatment.

For adults, if you’ve been postponing orthodontic treatment, now is a great time to consider making a change. More than ever, adults are realizing the advantages of orthodontics—not only improving their teeth and smile, but also improving self-confidence. In fact, nearly 25% of all new orthodontic patients are adults. Technological advances like invisible braces and clear braces make the transition is easy. Ask us about Invisalign! It’s a great alternative to traditional braces for adults.